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I have included an array of artists in my “About Face Exhibition” from contemporary to old masters with entirely diverse styles and techniques spanning a number of eras and art movements.  I have great admiration for each of the artists and have chosen them for different reasons, but one thing that links them all together is the face, they are “About Face.”


Elizabeth Peyton

Jarvis/ 1996/ Oil on Board/ 11×14″ (Jarvis Cocker, Musician)

Elizabeth Peyton is an American artist best known for her portrait paintings of celebrities and royalty.  Part of Peyton’s methodology is working from photographs which are either taken herself or by other people.  Peyton acknowledges the importance of photography as an inspiration source for her art.  I like the thin washy glazes she applies to her work which almost look like watercolour.

To view Elizabeth Peyton Live Forever at the NEW MUSEUM  click on the link  below

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