Chuck Close

Self Portrait /2004-2005/102 x 84.5 in

Chuck Close, a contemporary painter, photographer and printmaker, started his career in the 1960s as a photorealist specialising in portraiture.  This context changed as he developed his technique which has gradually progressed to include abstract elements, abstract expressionism being another influence. 

Close works forming his art primarily with oil paint on grand canvases, some of his portraits scaling nearly 3 metres in height.  Up close to the canvas a pixellated pattern of abstract brushwork is viewed but, as you move farther away from the work, a form emerges and the portrait is revealed.  I have chosen to include Close in my exhibit for this reason as I am fascinated how abstract art is blended with figurative art.

To view Chuck Close Selected Paintings and Tapestries at PACE/WILDENSTEIN click on the link below


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