Bride and Groom of the Eiffel Tower/ 1938-39/ Oil on canvas

Bride with Fan/ 1911/ Oil on Canvas

Chagall was renowned because he relished and publically expressed his Jewish culture within his art work. 

The context of Marc Chagall’s work derives from his Russian/ Jewish heritage which gave inspiration and also subject matter. These include childhood memories of Russian village life and folk tales. His French influences which stem from his later life in Paris are also important. 

With a genre virtually of his own Chagall borrowed techniques and ideas from contemporary artists and pioneered a niche of his own as a modernist avant-garde/ figurative artist.  His magical dreamlike characteristics have associations with Cubism, Symbolism and Fauvism thus leading to surrealism.  

 I like that Chagall borrowed ideas from the different eras in art that he travelled through while still managed to maintain his own style.


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